Saturday 7 December 2019

Smart toothbrush syncs with your phone to check up on you

oral-b genius
oral-b genius

Paul Mallon

Oral B is working on a new smart toothbrush project which will sync with your phone to make sure you've done a good job

Everything you can think of is becoming 'smart' these days - with advanced features that help connect cameras, fridges, TVs, thermostats and more to the internet and your smartphone. So obviously now we need a smart toothbrush.

At least that's what Oral-B thinks, and they're putting all the latest technology into their Genius brush. It's an electric model which no doubt has wonderful cleaning power but also goes further to actually check up on how well you're cleaning your teeth. It does this partly through a series of sophisticated sensors which know the orientation, pressure and other factors which go into your regular cleaning and also by using your smartphone.

Oral-B wants you to pop your phone into a holder near the bathroom mirror and use the dedicated app to get real-time updates on your brushing. It will let you know whether you're doing a thorough job and sync data to give an overview of your cleaning habits. Over time, it kind of sounds like it will scold you into brushing more often and in a better way. Which is a... good thing?

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