Saturday 14 December 2019

Skype group video calls now on mobile apps


Paul Mallon

Skype is finally making it possible to enjoy group video calls on its mobile apps, rolling out to iOS and Android devices now

Skype is a great way to keep in touch with friends and family near and far, and all totally free and fairly stable if you're in reach of decent Wi-Fi. The mobile apps work well too, except for one glaring missing feature - group video calling. Now that's finally being fixed with a new update.

Microsoft has announced that the feature is rolling out to users in Western Europe and North America at the moment, and it will be available everywhere by the end of March. It's a great addition to the service which was previously only available to business users and offers HD quality video as well as some fancy tech from Intel to ensure the sound is as crystal clear as possible.

Of course with multiple participants screen space becomes an issue and the Skype app addresses that with a grid which splits up the different people on the call. You can even set it so that it automatically makes the person who is talking full screen, or decide for yourself who you want to be pinned to the active window. Here's a very cheery video.

Who Skypes with their flatmates about who is making dinner? Isn't that what Dominos is for?

The Skype update should be available now on iOS and Android.

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