Sunday 22 September 2019

Sennheiser Relaunches Classic Headphones - At an Astronomical Price!

Sennheiser Orpheus
Sennheiser Orpheus

Audio connoisseurs Sennheiser have announced that they'll be launching a new version of their classic Orpheus headphones - a snip at €50,000

The Sennheiser brand is one that's no stranger to expensive audio pariphenelia, but with the company's latest announcement, they've taken things a step further than even the most battle hardened audiophile may be able to stomach. Starting in the middle of next year, the manufacturer is set to offer customers a brand new version of its classic Orpheus HE90 headphones - and they're a real snip at just €50,000!

The originals are widely regarded as some of the best headphones ever created, and Sennheiser is keen to stress that, already labeling the new Orpheus' as "the best headphones in the world" in their early media releases. Having struggled for the best part of a decade to find suitable modern components for the device, the company's engineering team looks to have finally figured everything out, having selected a whopping 6,000 individual components for the device, each of which have been hand picked for their audio-enhancing properties.

In yesterday's press release, Sennheiser outlined the importance of sonic accuracy in the Orpheus headphones, saying:

The new Orpheus surpasses every other headphone system in the world by offering the ultimate in reproduction precision, exceptional spatiality and a frequency response that extends far beyond the range of human hearing ability. “It is able to deceive our senses in a completely unique way, creating the perfect illusion of being directly immersed in the sound,” explained Daniel Sennheiser. Even the slightest nuances of the music become audible. Alongside star producer Steve Levine, Grammy award-winner Gregory Porter was one of the first to be invited to an exclusive listening trial. “When I record my own music, I always try to convey my emotions. I don’t know how exactly, but these headphones really do succeed in getting those emotions across,” said the jazz musician, describing his listening experience with the Orpheus.

To make this possible, a team of Sennheiser experts spent almost a decade continuously working against the limits of what is technically possible – and once again created the best headphones in the world. The Orpheus uses an innovative amplifier concept that combines to perfection the advantages of a tube amplifier with those of a transistor amplifier. “I am very proud of this absolutely exceptional product,” said Sennheiser CEO Dr. Andreas Sennheiser. “The Orpheus stands for the innovative power of our company and our joint commitment to the pursuit of perfect sound.”

That level of bluster is hardly surprising given the price tag, but it looks as though Sennheiser has taken this Orpheus modernisation very seriously indeed. How well that'll translate to actual sales, though, is anyone's guess!

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