Friday 6 December 2019

See the Guggenheim on Google

Google Street View
Google Street View

Paul Mallon

Google is exploring amazing vistas and also smaller spaces, like the iconic Guggenheim museum in New York City with some real artwork

Google latest adventure takes us inside the iconic Guggenheim museum in New York, where you can even get a free look at more than 100 of the artworks on display.

The unique building, which you may remember Will Smith running up in 1997's Men in Black or Clive Owen shooting up in The International, was mapped with drone cameras and other devices to let users explore to their heart's content. You can click on the pieces to get more information and use your mouse to click around inside the structure.

It's the latest addition to Google Cultural archive, which includes significant sites from all over the world, complete with photographs for every entry and interactive mapping where possible.

There's a huge amount to see, so dive right in!

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