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Monday 23 September 2019

Samsung wants Xperia Z5's best feature for Galaxy S7


Emma Clark

Samsung is apparently interested in including Sony's IMX300 sensor, which is featured in the Xperia Z5, in the upcoming Galaxy S7.

Samsung is apparently so impressed by the IMX300 sensor in Sony’s Xperia Z5 that it may be interested in including it in the Galaxy S7.

Samsung is currently working on a new 20MP ISOCELL sensor for the Galaxy S7. This is said to include a new RWB colour pattern, which is said to enable even better low-light shots than the Galaxy S6 can capture.

It’s unlikely that Samsung will ditch the ISOCELL completely. Instead, it’s likely that we’ll see different sensors included in different versions of the Galaxy S7 in different regions.

The Xperia Z5 features a 23 megapixel sensor, which is very impressive. While Sony may want to keep the sensor exclusively for its own Xperia range, Samsung is racking up sales with each flagship release. So it will have to weigh up whether the inclusion of its sensor in Samsung’s range is worth giving up a competitive advantage.

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