Thursday 12 December 2019

Rocket League season 2 changes detailed

Rocket League
Rocket League

Emma Clark

Rocket League's next patch will be released in February, bringing with it a number of changes to the competitive side of the game.

Rocket League's season 2 patch will introduce some changes, including a new ranking system.

In a post on the game's Steam page, Psyonix explained that there will be 12 divisions instead of 10, and that it will uncap the number of players in the Champion division, which is the top tier.

All returning players will be re-ranked. To get your division for season 2, you'll have to play 10 placement matches. These, as well as the player data from the first year of Rocket League, will result in your new ranking. So don't expect the likes of Kronovi to be able to throw all their placement games and face you in the prospect divisions.

Promotion and demotion also works differently. Players will be promoted after their skill rises consistently to the next division up and don't have to worry about being demoted after losing one or two games. Psyonix wants to put the focus on "consistently playing well and improving your game over time," rather than prioritising individual results.

The next Rocket League patch will be released in February.

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