Sunday 18 August 2019

Rocket League gets wacky with free Mutators DLC

Rocket League
Rocket League

Emma Clark

Psyonix has released a free update for Rocket League, which adds Mutators that change how the game is played, along with new car toppers and flags.

Rocket League is letting players alter the way the game plays out with its free match mutators DLC update.

This will let you change a variety of settings from the shape of the ball to how it behaves and even control time itself. For example, you can make the ball lightweight in Beach Ball or behave like a pinball.

Players will be free to adjust the Mutator settings in Exhibition and Private Matches. There's also a new Mutator Mashup mode, which is available from the Unranked Playlist menu.

Those who enjoy sprucing up their car may be pleased to hear that 13 new toppers and 7 new community flags are now available. The 13 toppers celebrate other games that Psyonix are fans of, including Fallout, Unreal Tournament, Driveclub, and Oddworld.

Meanwhile, the seven new community flags will let users of Reddit, Day[9]TV, Something Awful, and more unite under one banner.

Rocket League's update is now available to download. Take a look at how Mutators can affect gameplay in the trailer below.

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