Thursday 22 August 2019

Rock Band 4's first update will add social and hardcore features

Rock Band 4
Rock Band 4

Emma Clark

Harmonix outlined what Rock Band 4's first update includes. It will add social, competitive, and community requested features, and fix bugs.

Rock Band 4's first update will be released on December 8th, adding competitive and social features.

Among the planned additions is the introduction of a competitive system called Score Challenges. This, Harmonix says, is a suite of features designed to let friends compete against one another.

You'll see the moment that you pass a friend's high score thanks to the in-song indicator, an activity feed will let you quickly select a song if your score has been bested, and you can taunt your friends using a selectable randomised Taunt message.

The update also adds one of the most requested features from the hardcore community. Players will be able to set the Breakneck Speed of their tracks, up to 2.5X, for the first time.

Meanwhile, those who excel at the game will be recognised. Rock Band 4 will finally introduce a Full Combo indicator, and an in-song indicator that tells you if you're still on track, to show that you're better at the game than other people.

As you would expect, the update fixes some bugs and issues too, which you can see below.

Rock Band 4 is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One.

Rock Band 4 update's bug fixes:

  • Packs and Albums in the XB1 in-game store are back in the store and contain content.
  • Fix to prevent hitches for PlayStation 4 players with 2000 Friends.
  • Leaderboards no longer mix player scores and percentages from different performances and instead show only the info for the single performance with the highest score.
  • Game no longer crashes when the vocalist joins a song that doesn’t have a vocal part.
  • Band History stats now list the correct total number of Rock Shop items.
  • Improvements to microphone lag.
  • Improvements to tambourine hit sensitivity.
  • Adjustments to track transparency.

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