Tuesday 22 May 2018

Robo Dino game Horizon could be delayed

Horizon Zero Dawn
Horizon Zero Dawn

Daniel Anderson

A rumour is circulating that Horizon Zero Dawn - the game where you hunt robotic dinosaurs - could be suffering a delay

Horizon Zero Dawn is a game where you hunt robotic dinosaurs in the far flung future, so naturally it's one of our most anticipated titles of all time. But it sounds like we're going to have to continue anticipating for a while yet.

According to new from an insider, who has proven reliable in the past, the game won't be making its proposed 2016 release date:

— shinobi602 (@shinobi602) April 20, 2016

With few enough big titles to really get excited about in 2016, especially on the PS4, it's a shame to see any release date change. But it would be far worse if developers Guerrilla rushed out the game in an unfinished state to meet a deadline. We want this robo dinosaur hunting game to be the best and most technically complete robo dinosaur hunting game ever made. Ok?

The last part of the comment referring to PS4k has been taken out of context as meaning the game is shifting development to the as yet unannounced new console from Sony. Shinobi later clarified his comments, saying that he just meant the game is going to look gorgeous, regardless of platform, and it will certainly run on the PS4.

Here's a video of Horizon in action.

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