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Monday 20 November 2017

Returning astronaut grew two inches in space

scott kelly
scott kelly

Daniel Anderson

NASA's Scott Kelly has only just come back down to Earth after a year in space and the experience actually made him grow taller

Space... The Final Frontier... and might even be good for you.

Astronaut Scott Kelly has just returned from a year spent on the ISS and it turns out that he's actually taller than when he left our planet! Moving away from the constant crushing force of gravity has made him two inches taller, which is going to be interesting when he stands next to his identical twin brother. It's that familiar connection which makes Scott such a valuable test subject, as they have a control in a biologically identical twin.

Thanks to relativity, Scott is also now a little bit younger than his brother Mark. This is a pretty complicated piece of mathematics but is more easily explained by referring you back to that most excellent sci-fi picture Interstellar. Remember when time passed much more slowly on the water planet? Well a little bit of that time dilation is going on, though in this case it has more to do with the immense speed which Scott was travelling at while in the International Space Station. There more from the clever folks at Quartz.

In short - space is really good for you and we should all go now!

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