Tuesday 24 April 2018

Rainbow Six may get Hardcore playlist next year

Rainbow Six Siege
Rainbow Six Siege

Emma Clark

Rainbow Six Siege may get a Hardcore playlist next year if the player base is there for it, while changes are also coming in Casual and Ranked.

Have you been finding it too easy to tell the difference between friend and foe in Rainbow Six Siege? Or do you find that you simply don't need to keep tabs on how many bullets you're firing? Well, that will soon change if Ubisoft goes ahead with plans to implement a Hardcore playlist next year.

Ubisoft post on its forums that, should the player base allow it, a dedicated Hardcore playlist is a high priority next year. This mode turns off things like threat indicators, teammate outlines, reload indicators, and hit confirmation.

To allow players to dabble with what it's like to play with minimal HUD elements, there will be a Hardcore Pre-set in Custom Games. These will not be on dedicated servers, but that is the aim "as soon as possible in 2016."

Ubisoft explained that it's not adding the Hardcore playlist just yet because it wants time "to build it properly and we want to avoid extra player segmentation that would not be absolutely necessary."

"What we want to avoid is creating a playlist or mode that does not have enough population, which would consequently have a negative impact on matchmaking and the overall experience of the game."

Meanwhile, Ubisoft outlined that most of the current HUD elements will be kept for both Ranked and Casual matches as a recent player survey found them to be helpful. However, Ranked features a Spawn Vote, is played as a Best of 6, and doesn't have Kill Cams.

You can see how Casual, Ranked, and Hardcore playlists will differentiate in Ubisoft's handy tables.

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