Friday 13 December 2019

Psychonauts 2 is fully funded!

Psychonauts 2
Psychonauts 2

Paul Mallon

DoubleFine Productions have just confirmed that their crowdfunding for Psychonauts 2 is 100 percent and going up and up from there

Double Fine Productions have some news, they're definitely making Psychonauts 2.

The Fig crowdfunding campaign for the long anticpated sequel has reached 100 percent at $3.3 million, and there are still five days left to go. The crew seem pretty happy about it.

Tim Schafer just has a really entertaining voice. Also see what happens when the lady on the right tries to pull the popper. Oops, etc.

Now the real work begins. With a proposed release date of 'Fall 2018' that's less than three years to deliver up a much more ambitious game than the Double Fine Adventure which eventually became Broken Age and wasn't even really that good. They're being open about the fact that more funding will be found outside of fans but we're still a bit wary of getting involved with the company again.

That said, there are still a few more days to give them your support - $39 gets you a copy of Psychonauts 1 and 2 as well as access to their making of videos, which were definitely the highlight of the process last time.

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