Monday 26 August 2019

Pro Quality Lenses Coming to Smartphones


Professional quality lenses for photography aficionados are on their way to a smartphone near you courtesy of Photojojo

It's been a long, long time since camera phones made their debut, and things have certainly improved dramatically on the image quality front in that time. Where we used to be happy with miniscule captures of highly questionable quality (the old "potato" meme rings particularly true here), these days we're becoming increasingly demanding about the photographic capabilities of our pocket companions.

And while some manufacturers have managed to get the balance between camera optics, on-board processing and, of course, the non-photographic capabilities of their handsets right on plenty of occasions before, not everyone has been quite so lucky. To that end, Photojojo is bringing a fantastic new line of smartphone lenses to market to help eager snappers make the most of all that processing power. The Iris Lens Series lineup, which includes a versatile wide-angle lens, a macro lens and a fisheye lens (for those who like to get creative with their craft), is compatible with Samsung's Galaxy S5 and S6 ranges, as well as Apple's iPhone.

The creation of the new hardware has been something of a global effort, with work taking place across three continents, but it looks as though it's all been worth the effort. The lenses themselves, while something of an eyesore when attached to the back of your device, are built from high quality materials and are versatile enough to be fully functional whether or not you've got a case on your handset.

Arguably the most exciting thing abhout the Iris Lens Series is the fact that Photojojo has opted for a reasonable pricing scheme for pre-orders. By heading over to, you'll be able to nab yourself all three lenses for just US $109 (that's around €100), or single lenses for US $59 (€55) - and if you're lucky they might arrive in time for Christmas, with shipping commencing on December 14th.

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