Monday 19 August 2019

PlayStation 4 enables PlayStation 2 emulation

PlayStation 4
PlayStation 4

Emma Clark

The PlayStation 4 is apparently capable of emulating classic PlayStation 2-era titles, as the special edition of Star Wars Battlefront indicates.

The PlayStation 4 is capable of playing PlayStation 2 games; Eurogamer received codes for classic Star Wars titles as part of the Special Edition Star Wars Battlefront and they boot up with the familiar PlayStation 2 logo.

The site also says that there's a system in place to emulate a PS2 memory card, while a prompt let them know that the select and start buttons are mapped to the left and right of the DualShock 4's trackpad.

If these were simply ports of the classic games, there would be no need for these touches; they would just work natively. Another point of interest is that the games have been upscaled from their original resolutions - 512 x 448 and 640 x 448 - to a new native resolution on the PS4 of 1292 x 896.

Sony has since acknowledged that it has been working on emulation, but had little else to add. The number of games available to play on PlayStation 4 could shoot up sometime soon.

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