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Wednesday 23 May 2018

Paintball - Division Style!

The Division
The Division

Daniel Anderson

Paintball matches can be pretty intense on their own but when you add the stylistic excess of The Division, things take a turn for the awesome

The Division has been earning some pretty great reviews since launch, with praise for the gameplay and the gorgeous location in a New York shattered by a terrible virus. But if you ever imagined what it would be like to take that game and add a little more paintball, this video is for you.

YouTuber AlabasterSlim took footage of a pretty intense paintball session and added in some cool touches from The Division, like that floating HUD, the radio chatter and even the floating text for the XP you earn from kills. Check it out.

The subtle graphics work is really great and they managed to capture the aesthetic of The Division in a way that isn't cheesy. Sure the actual game plays out from a third person perspecitive and features real bullets but a lot this video feels very authentic. Not to mention really, really cold.

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