Saturday 26 May 2018

Overwatch beta adds Competitive Play mode


Mark O'Beirne

The latest Overwatch beta adds a Competitive Play mode for those looking for a more serious and competitive challenge.

An update has rolled out for the Overwatch beta, which adds a new Competitive Play mode.

This mode, according to Blizzard, is “designed for those seeking a more serious challenge.” Competitive Play lets players battle their way through divisions and tiers over the course of monthly seasons.

There are five tiers in total with five divisions in each. Once you get promoted to a tier, you won’t get demoted to the one prior to it, though you can fall to a lower division. The top tier isn’t made up of divisions, and shows your actual worldwide rank instead.

This mode is only open to those ranked level 25 and above, and matchmaking will pit teams against others of a similar size.

Competitive Play won’t feature rewards at launch in the beta, and will have limited rewards when the game launches. But there are punishments for those who quit early. Blizzard says, "If a player's game completion percentage falls below our required threshold, they will now receive a warning message (this percentage is calculated based on their 20 most recent games). If that players continues to leave games after receiving this warning, they will incur a 75% XP penalty for future games.”

For more on Competitive Play, check out the latest Developer Update.

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