Saturday 14 December 2019

Over 500 dancing robots ring in Chinese New Year

Chinese New Year
Chinese New Year

Paul Mallon

Chinese New Year is a big deal so the country enlisted some help from their hordes of robots to celebrate in robotic style

The Chinese New Year celebrations hit their peak last night, and what better way to welcome the Year of the Monkey than with a terrifying vision of our future under our robotic dancing overlords.

They're coming for our rhythm.

That handstand is definitely the best bit, and the way the singer doesn't seem at all disturbed by the fact he is accompanied by a host of robots who are dancing perfectly in unison, while also formulating their plan for world domination. Naturally the drones got in on the act too in what looks like a light show but is never fully revealed by the camera angles. They seem to mostly be there to rain glitter at the end of the number, which seems like a strange use for such fancy equipment.

It's not the first time the bots have popped in for New Year's this routine was rolled out in 2012 with a bit more of a Russian feel - there are some familar moves in there too.

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