Friday 20 July 2018

One of Nest's smart products will stop working in May


Mark O'Beirne

Nest will drop support for one of its products in May. However, this will also render the product obsolete as it simply won't function any longer.

Nest is dropping support for one of its products in May, but because of the nature of the product it will stop working entirely.

From May 15th, the Revolv smart home hub will cease to function. Making the announcement, Revolv’s co-founders wrote, “We’re pouring all our energy into Works with Nest and are incredibly excited about what we’re making. Unfortunately, that means we can’t allocate resources to Revolv anymore and we have to shut down the service. As of May 15, 2016, your Revolv hub and app will no longer work.”

The Revolv smart home hub was one of the first casualties of Nest’s acquisition of Revolv in 2014. The product was no longer available to purchase, though it continued to function.

While many won’t be affected by this, it does raise some interesting issues regarding the Internet of Things and connected devices. Revolv owner Arlo Gilbert took to Medium to pen some thoughts about this announcement.

“Is the era of IoT bringing an end to the concept of ownership? Are we just buying intentionally temporary hardware? It feels like it. I own a Commodore 64 that still works,” he wrote.

“Imagine if you bought a Dell computer and Dell then informed you that when your warranty ends your computer will power down. Imagine if Apple put out a new policy that not only won’t they replace the device for defects, but they will actually be bricking your phone 12 months after purchase.”

That’s certainly food for thought.

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