Sunday 25 August 2019

Now you can remix Vines


Paul Mallon

The social video service Vine has added the ability to add new audio to a video, so you can remix someone elses content easily

If you've been checking out some Vines in your feed and think that they could be better with a little audio help then you're in luck- now you can make remixes.

Just go to the options on a Vine and press 'make an audio remix'. This essentially strips out the audio from the persons Vine and lets you reuse it on video you've shot yourself or on something from your gallery. That's a way to make creating even easier for people, especially as audio can be a hard thing for users to crack. Better still, you can see the original source of the audio with just a single click.

The updated Vine app will also let you search for a video using audio that you're remixing. Searching via songs is also set to come to the service, adding a larger element of Discovery to the Vine experience, and also helping the original creators get the kudos they deserve.

The new search options will be coming to the iOS and Android apps but audio remixing is currently exclusively to Apple devices.

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