Sunday 15 December 2019

Now Amazon can automatically do your shopping


Paul Mallon

It's a brave new world, one where a website monitors what products you're using at home and automatically sends more

It's fair to say that Amazon has revolutionised the online retail world with its vast number of products and (sometimes) insanely quick delivery times. But it's not done yet, now it wants to make sure you never run out of things at home.

After almost a year of set up and teasing, the Dash Replacement System from Amazon has gone live. This service will interface with the products in your home in order to find out when they might need to be resupplied. So you might own a printer which is connected to a network and can contact Amazon independently when it's running low on ink. Just as you get down to that last squirt, there'll be more ready and waiting for use.

It's a logical extension of the increasingly smart home and the Dash buttons which Amazon introduced in 2015 - smart tags you can use to instantly order specific items from the online store. In 2016, it will all interact, together with specific product partners, to bring you an autonomous shopping experience.

For some, this will be an interesting new service that they might consider adding, especially if they have the kind of products which need to be reupplied - fridges, washing machines, dishwashers, even food cupboards. For others it's a scary sign of a future where the internet feeds you as you sit at home in a chair you're too overweight to get out of... We think its kind of cool.

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