Saturday 21 September 2019

Nokia C1 may target Windows and Android fans


Emma Clark

Nokia is reportedly working on a new smartphone called the C1. The interesting thing is that a Windows and an Android version may be released.

Nokia looks set to make a return to the smartphone market with the C1, which will reportedly be available in both Windows and Android versions.

The Nokia C1 appears to target the mid-range market. It's rumoured to feature a 5-inch Full HD screen, an Intel processor, and 2GB RAM. One version will reportedly run Windows 10, while another will run a full version of Android.

Of course, Nokia has to work out how to get these handsets to market without breaking the terms of its agreement with Microsoft. As part of the sale, Nokia reportedly agreed not to manufacture any new phones until Q4 2016. It's thought that Nokia might take a leaf out of Google's book and outsource the actual manufacturing of the C1.

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