Monday 23 April 2018

No Man's Sky release date and pricing revealed?

No Mans Sky
No Mans Sky

Daniel Anderson

No Man's Sky is still a pretty mysterious game, with its release date yet to be revealed, but we've been piecing together leaks to find out when its coming

We don't even really know what No Man's Sky is going to be yet, but there's no doubting the ambition of this game - which features an entire unique universe to explore with millions of planets and billions of potential lifeforms.

(No trailer is made worse with the addition of Rutger Hauer)

Now the game itself is still pretty mysterious but we may have an idea of when it will be launching. Sony and developers Hello Games have been keeping this a closely guarded secret - and for good reason because this is the kind of game which has 'done when its done' written all over it. But an email from Amazon about pre orders may have dropped a serious hint.

Mammoth Gamers have the mail, which updates the previous estimated delivery date of December 30th 2016 to June 21st 2016. The first date was most likely a placeholder - there's no way Sony would release a game of this scale in that period - and the new one, well it might be when we're actually going to see the game.

Of course it also might not, but one piece of news that is a bit more definitive has to do with the price of the game. It is an indie effort so there was some hope that it might come with somewhat smaller price tag. That's not so likely now with the PlayStation Blog accidentally posting a $60 (likely €60) cost. This came along with news that pre orders could start soon, so we might be finally getting some concrete information.

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