Saturday 26 May 2018

Nintendo NX looks set to output video in 4K


Mark O'Beirne

The latest rumour about the Nintendo NX console, which is unlikely to be its final name, is that it will output 4K video.

We've heard rumblings that Sony and Microsoft are looking at improving their console offerings to handle 4K video, but it looks like Nintendo will be ready too.

A new rumour about the NX console indicates that it'll be capable of outputting in 4K. Reddit user UntypedHero, who may have some inside knowledge, put up a post with some new information about the upcoming console.

They have since deleted the post, but Nintendo Insider saved it for prosperity. They wrote:

  • The retail name for the NX is unknown to developers (or they are holding back). I’ve asked multiple sources.
  • I know of at least 1 third-party Wii U game that has/have been successfully ported to NX.
  • Amiibo are still supported (if you hadn’t already guessed).
  • Friend codes are still a thing (unfortunately).
  • I don’t know when the NX will be announced. Speculation is this month.
  • There are multiple “gimmicks” with the NX, one is optional.
  • There are physical dev-kits out in the wild, I don’t have access to these.
  • I don’t know the model of the GPU, however there is little doubt (from what I’ve been told) that it an AMD.
  • The NX is capable of outputting 4k. Consensus is upscaling and streaming.
  • DDR4 Memory (between 6GB – 8GB). EDIT: Available to software.

Nintendo looks set to reveal official details about the NX at E3 this year.

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