Thursday 12 December 2019

Nintendo hoping to get EA on board for NX console


Mark O'Beirne

Nintendo is apparently in talks with EA to garner support for the upcoming NX console, which we may hear more about at E3.

EA stopped publishing on Nintendo's Wii U platform some years ago, but Nintendo is hoping to bring it back into the fold with the NX console.

EA apparently has NX dev kits, according to NintendoLife, and meetings are planned in the coming weeks that could see EA come on board as a key partner.

It is claimed that EA wants Nintendo to increase marketing activity around key sports events. EA is said to hope that Nintendo will change its policy not to include the publisher's titles in bundles, and wants more media streaming apps available on the console.

This news comes in the wake of Ori and the Blind Forest dev Moon Studios warning Nintendo that the NX will struggle at launch if it doesn't secure the support of third-party titles at launch. EA supported the Wii U for a while, but things went south post-launch with underwhelming sales of titles such as Mass Effect, Need for Speed and FIFA.

Both sides will be hoping that lessons have been learned. We hope to hear more about the NX at E3 this year.

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