Tuesday 21 November 2017

New Siri iPhone hack isn't real


Daniel Anderson

A video has been doing the rounds showing a really easy way to hack into an iPhone by using Siri but it's not at all legit

You may have seen a video over the weekend claiming to show a really simple way to hack into an iPhone without a password? If not check it out below.

The video seems to show a user accessing Siri to check the time and then getting to a page where you can buy more tones for your phone. Tapping this takes you to the app store, and pressing the home key from there will give you full access to the phone. It's quick, it's easy and it's a bit scary.

But there are a couple of different reasons why this is not something to worry about. For one - there's no guarantee that someone other than you will be recognised by Siri - she tends to be attuned to your voice. More importantly, this method simply won't work if you're using your fingerprint as ID. If you try it on another persons phone for example you won't be able to even get Siri's attention, unless you're using their fingerprint.

If you watch the video above again, he long presses the home key to activate Siri, and this moment also gives the phone plenty of time to read and verify his thumbprint. So don't worry, no one is going to use Siri against you!

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