Tuesday 20 March 2018

New Mirrors Edge video shows off gorgeous combat

Mirrors Edge Catalyst
Mirrors Edge Catalyst

Daniel Anderson

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is coming in May 2016 and we're going to get to fight in a while new set of ways, very pretty ways

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is the long awaited follow up to one of the best games you probably never played, 2008's Mirror's Edge. It was a parkour action game about a shiny future and a courier who is in the wrong place at the wrong time.

You play that same courier, Faith, in this new title - which actually works as some kind of prequel to what we've already played. The latest video from the game focusses on combat, check it out below.

A lot of this footage comes from videos that have previously been released but it's still a handy overview, with Faith's prowess heavily geared towards staying in motion at all times. First person melee style combat hasn't often been done well in games, even the original Mirror's Edge wasn't a total success, but with some refinement and eight years or so to think about it, we're confident that EA and DICE have solved the issues.

There's also an even cooler video which is all about movement, and just how fast and far Faith can go. Check out the way she takes a corner quickly.

That's pretty sublime, and comes with the awesome jump cuts which were such a great feature of the original ads for Mirror's Edge. We just basically can't wait.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst is out on 24th of May 2016.

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