Saturday 21 April 2018

Netflix will work with PlayStation VR

PlayStation VR
PlayStation VR

Daniel Anderson

It ha been confirmed that you'll be able to use the streaming video service while inside the PlayStation VR headset

The PlayStation VR is coming, with Sony finally revealing the release date and pricing details - October and around €400.

That's great news for those who have been interested in the virtual reality revolution but lack the heavy PC hardware needed to run the Oculus Rift and HTC Vive. Anyone with a PS4 will be able to jack into this new headset, though they'll also have to plump for 2 PS Move controllers and a PlayStation camera. Still it will be considerably cheaper then the alternatives.

A whole host of games and experiences are already in the works for the PS VR, with up to 50 titles set for release by the end of 2016 but as a part of your console it's also important that the new device plays well with your existing content. Which is where Cinematic Mode comes in.

This mode creates a virtual living room inside your headset, complete with a screen as big as your brain can handle. This system allows you to use your console just as you did before, only on a much bigger scale and without any potential distractions from the real world. It's a great idea if someone else wants to use the telly or if you're having a really boring dinner with the family and want to check out.

Best of all, it sounds like all of your normal functions will work in Cinematic Mode, including playing your games and also accessing services like Netflix. You'll be able to pop on the latest series of Daredevil or House of Cards and sit back while Kevin Spacey does more insane things in the White House on the equivelent of a cinema screen inside your mind. Which sounds like a pretty cool way to experience your entertainment at home.

The Sony PlayStation VR is set for release in October 2016, priced at €400.

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