Thursday 22 March 2018

Netflix has 75 million users - prices going up this year


Paul Mallon

Netflix has had an amazing year, with huge numbers of new users and original content, and that's going to cost you

Netflix is growing and growing. The company announced yesterday that it has passed 75 million subscribers worldwide, with a bump of over 5 million in the last quarter alone. And that increase is all the more significant when you consider that it doesn't include new sign ups since the service rolled out almost worldwide at the start of January 2016, adding 130 more countries to the mix.

The company will be delivering more original programming than ever those those folks around the world, which is to their advantage as their own shows aren't subject to the awkward regional restrictions which sees content hidden from certain countries. There are ways around that region lock but Netflix is promising to make that harder in the coming months, so watch those US only shows while you can!

There's another change on the way for the service too, and that's a price hike. Naturally these shows, movies and documentaries cost money and the more they make the higher the costs. The company confirmed an increase in rates for new sign ups a while back so the difference for 2016 is that everyone will pay more.

That's right - those of you who have been subscribers for more than two years had the price fixed at a lower rate but that grace period is coming to an end. At some point this year, you'll have to start paying the same as everyone else. In the case of the most popular plan, it's likely to cost around €10 a month.

For that, you'll have access to HD and 4K streams where available and also be able to have four videos playing at the same time across different users. There will be other options available - around €8 will give you two streams at the same time and no HD, while a quid more will have the higher resolution.

The increase has been coming for a long time and while there will no doubt be detractors its hard to argue with the need for more revenue to finance excellent shows like House of Cards and Orange is the New Black and to continue the strong partnership with Marvel through more Daredevil and beyond.

Expect more news on this price hike soon.

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