Sunday 26 January 2020

Netflix doesn't have any VR content planned


Mark O'Beirne

Netflix won't be releasing any original VR programming in the near future, according to CEO Reed Hastings, but it may happen down the line.

While Netflix got in on the VR action early with the release of a dedicated app that allows viewers to watch programmes and films in a virtual mansion on a massive TV, it doesn’t have any content planned just yet.

In an interview with Mashable France, CEO Reed Hastings revealed that the service doesn’t have anything in the pipeline. "We're really focused on movies and TV shows and doing more of those, which you can watch in a virtual reality headset if you want to," Hastings said, "but we think most people will watch Netflix on a smartphone or a smart TV."

That doesn’t mean that Netflix won’t explore VR programming at some point in the future. Netflix’s Vice President of Product Development, Chris Jaffe, indicated that VR content could be on the cards.

"VR in the near term might be seen as something for gaming but we're interested too. My personal take is I'm interested in seeing where the storytelling aspects develop,” Jaffe told techradar.

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