Monday 23 September 2019

Need for Speed patch to introduce neons and address issues

Need for Speed
Need for Speed

Emma Clark

Need for Speed is set to get a patch that will address rubber banding and other gameplay issues, and add new customisation options, including neons.

Need for Speed’s return to the road hasn’t been a completely smooth ride. Fans have criticised its purported extensive customisation and a number of other gameplay issues. A patch is on the way that aims to address these problems.

The patch will aim to address the widely-criticised AI rubber banding to ensure that players aren’t unfairly overtaken, while new customisation options will also be added.

Players will get their first look at neons, new pre-set wraps, and new wrap editor features, including mirror functionality and an improved colour picker.

The patch will also increase the REP cap from 50 to 60 and add three new achievements and trophies.

This is the first of a number of game updates, which will include a substantial amount of free DLC, according to Ghost Games.

Need for Speed is now available on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One. It will be released on PC early in 2016.

Need for Speed patch details:

  • More balanced 'AI Catch Up'
  • New Wrap Editor features: Mirror functionality, Improved colour picker
  • Hoonicorn and Morohoshi-San Diablo gifted upon completion of their respective narrative threads
  • First look at neons
  • Early in development version on Morohoshi-San's Diablo
  • REP increase 50-60
  • 3x Trophies & Achievements
  • New daily challenges
  • x30 new pre-set wraps
  • General bugs, tweaks and improvements

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