Sunday 15 December 2019

MWC 2016 – Sony announces suite of new devices

MWC 2016
MWC 2016

Emma Clark

Sony has unveiled a range of new devices at Mobile World Congress, including the Xperia Ear - that puts a virtual assistant in your ear - and the Xperia X.

Sony took to the stage at Mobile World Congress with a few intriguing announcements, including an earpiece that puts a virtual assistant in your ears, and a range of smartphones packing innovative battery and camera features.

The Xperia Ear is an earpiece that connects wirelessly to a linked Android smartphone. A proximity sensor informs the phone when the piece is in a user’s ear, providing them access to a range of location and time-based prompts, reminders, and notifications. It also responds to voice commands, so you can ask for directions or search the web, or dictate messages.

Sony says that the Xperia Ear’s battery life, of three-and-a-half-hours of active use, should be enough for most people on most days. This intriguing device is a part of Sony’s plan to extend the Xperia brand beyond smartphones and tablets.

But that doesn’t mean it’s going to stop those activities any time soon. Sony announced a trio of smartphones as part of its new Xperia X series. All three feature a new battery technology that scans the condition of the battery to check on its health level and then optimises the charging so that it doesn’t get damaged. This should extend the overall lifespan of batteries, according to Sony.

The X series also features a technology called 4D focus that Sony says enables the new smartphones’ cameras to lock onto subjects twice as quickly as its Z5 phones.

Where the X series phones differ is their processor used and display resolutions; these factors also dictate their price.

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