Saturday 24 August 2019

Multiple Google Glass 2 variants may be developed


Emma Clark

Google may be working on a couple of different Glass models, targeting sports and enterprise users. One of these devices may not even have a screen.

Google isn’t giving up on Glass, it seems. New rumours abound that Google Glass 2 will be available in a couple of different variants.

Project Aura has, according to The Information, three new Glass models in development. One of these may even abandon the little screen that Google Glass is known for.

The publication says that the glass-less Google Glass will be designed for "sports" users. It will work on an audio-only basis.

The report also states that one version will be targeted at the enterprise market. All three models will use bone conduction to help pick up audio, like the original Google Glass.

It also covers its bases somewhat by saying that Google may trim the number of wearables down to just two before release. Of course, there’s no official word from Google so take this report with a generous helping of salt for the moment.

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