Wednesday 18 September 2019

Misfit Flash slots activity tracker into jewellery


Emma Clark

Misfit is looking to make its activity trackers a little more appealing to the fashion conscious by fitting the little device into a locket or bracelet.

Misfit has linked up with BaubleBar to create more stylish casings for the Misfit Flash.

They’ve partnered to create a necklace and bracelet that house the device. The company describes these pieces as being “as smart as they are stunning."

This isn’t the first time that Misfit has tried to make activity trackers more fashionable. It previously produced trackers that had Swarovski crystals glued on top.

These jewellery pieces will be available exclusively at Target initially from November 29th. They’ll retail for $69.99, though it’s worth mentioning that the devices come with a $29.99 Flash inside, as well as the traditional rubber strap for when you’re exercising.

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