Tuesday 16 January 2018

Mirror's Edge Catalyst's world detailed

Mirrors Edge Catalyst
Mirrors Edge Catalyst

Mark O'Beirne

Mirror's Edge Catalyst will let you explore its big, beautiful world, which we know a little more about after the website was updated.

The Mirror's Edge Catalyst website has been updated, revealing some new details about the game and its world.

The city of Glass is effectively ruled by the Conglomerate, which is made up of 13 corporations. While each have a share of power, they're constantly trying to usurp one another to gain more power.

But the Conglomerate isn't the only faction in town. There's also the Runners who are a special group of voluntary "offGrids" who perform jobs for those who are willing to pay, even if that means working for one of the Corporate Houses. Then there's a resistance group, ominously called Black November. The group apparently does what it can to terrorise authorities and "incite a general revolution among the employs."

Glass features three central districts: Anchor, Downtown, and The View. Anchor is one of the most affluent areas in Glas, featuring towering buildings and a thriving nightlife scene. The city guide makes special reference to Bauble Mall, a construction project that is set to be a "monument to the success of the Conglomerate way of life." Downtown is the modernised centre of the city, but also seems to be the most common place to see Runners. The View is described as a quieter, residential zone for those hoping to get away from the hustle and bustle of the other two districts.

As for story, Mirror's Edge Catalyst sees our hero, Faith, embroiled in a dangerous game after crossing paths with the evil Gabriel Kruger and the city’s oppressive Conglomerate.

Mirror's Edge Catalyst will be released on May 26th.

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