Sunday 18 August 2019

Microsoft tackling spam reviews on Microsoft Store

Microsoft Store
Microsoft Store

Emma Clark

Microsoft is rolling out new measures to combat spam app reviews on the Microsoft Store, including new reporting tools and new anti-spam technology.

Any platform that lets users submit reviews features spam reviews that contribute very little. Microsoft is set to tackle these head-on with the release of new reporting tools and anti-spam technology.

According to WinBeta, developers can now report questionable reviews to the Windows Store support team. If the reported review violates store policy, a support representative can then remove the offending review.

Microsoft has also rolled out new anti-spam technology that can “detect and remove a large majority of the spam reviews”.

Of course, there are some genuine reviews in which the user may have gotten something wrong or run into an issue that the developer didn’t know about. Microsoft put a feature in place last year that lets developers respond to a reviewer’s concerns directly, so they may be able to sort the issues out between them.

Reviews can be a valuable resource, helping you avoid dud apps or discover previously unheard of apps. But to be useful, they have to be relevant. Microsoft’s new tools should help ensure that any app reviews contribute something to the discussion.

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