Saturday 21 July 2018

Microsoft is at it again! This time it's the AI CaptionBots that are getting it terribly wrong


Daniel Anderson

Microsoft has released another experiment in Artificial Intelligence and while it hasn't become a raving racist yet it's far from a success

Microsoft recently released a chatterbot called Tay onto the wilds of Twitter. Within a day it had become a profanity peppered racist and had to be shut down. Now MS is back with another AI experiment that's not exactly working out.

It's called CaptionBot and it uses all sorts of fancy technology to take a look at any photo you show it and attempt to tell you what's in it. You can upload your own image (but CaptionBot will keep it for its private learning) or throw in a URL. The bot uses machine learning to get better at spotting certain things over time and really it can only improve because the skills it has displayed so far are charitably described as poor.

Let's put CaptionBot to the test...

We know how you feel CaptionBot. How about someone more famous.

We're kind of in love with this one, because that scene would be so much better if our Colin was holding a frisbee. How does it do with sports then?

Nope and double nope. You have to wonder exactly which part looks like a piece of sporting equipment.

Hmm, well this might be half right. Keith Earls may be short but he doesn't really resemble a tennis racket. Last chance CaptionBot!

That's actually pretty amazing - CaptionBot managed to summarise the entire plot of Taken just by taking a glimpse at a still. Maybe this technology really is going to change the world.

Why not try to confuse the CaptionBot yourself right here. It's not hard...

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