Sunday 18 March 2018

Massive update released for Gears of War Ultimate Edition

Gears of War
Gears of War

Emma Clark

A whopping 5GB update is available for Gears of War Ultimate Edition that makes a number of gameplay and playlist changes.

Microsoft has released a 5GB update for Gears of War Ultimate Edition that tweaks gameplay and playlists.

The big changes brought about by this hefty update include improvements to Boomshot hit registration and an alteration that should make the Seriously achievement more attainable. This achievement will now count both Social and Competitive playlist kills, so it should be easier - although still time consuming - to hit 10,000 kills.

The Gears of War website outlines the patch notes:

  • Addressed some matchmaking issues that caused long wait times
  • Improvements to hit registration on downed enemies (sponging)
  • Small improvements to the Left Trigger Issue
  • Fixed hit detection when shooting an enemy in cover against the top pillars on Clocktower
  • Removed POI on Right Stick for Alternate Control Scheme
  • Bug fixes and general improvements

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