Thursday 19 September 2019

Mass Effect Andromeda details leaked – Some are fairly predictable

mass effect andromeda
mass effect andromeda

Emma Clark

Unofficial details are creeping out about Mass Effect Andromeda. Some of them won't surprise you, but Mass Effect fans will gobble up this new info.

Several details relating to Mass Effect Andromeda have been leaked on the game’s subreddit. An anonymous source apparently offered proof to moderators provided the proof wasn’t made public; the moderator then went on to record a voiceover to share the details.

Some of the information is pretty predictable – you will have two squad mates, for example – while some is completely new to the series – the ship travel system has been overhauled and players will be able to manually fly the ship.

The main character will be called ‘the pathfinder,’ but their real name is either Rider or Ryder, though we knew that thanks to some eagle-eyed fans who scoured a previous trailer for details.

The moderator says that they trust their source, but also adds that details could be embellished, incorrect, or a downright lie. Basically, the whole thing could be made up. So take the entire thing with a pinch of salt. Take a look at the video below for the details shared about Mass Effect Andromeda.

Mass Effect Andromeda will be released in December 2016.

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