Sunday 15 December 2019

Looking for a midterm activity? These three must-have games will pass the time

GPO Minecraft. Photo: MindRising Games
GPO Minecraft. Photo: MindRising Games

Jack Murphy

Are you looking for something to do to pass the time over the midterm break?

Whether you're new to the gaming scene or a seasoned pro, these three games will pass a few spare hours over your week off.

1. Undertale

One look at Undertale, and many would shrug it off as another developer's attempt at trying to get people to buy it under pure nostalgic memories alone. This, however, is not the case.

Developed by Toby Fox, while Undertale uses 16 bit graphics, it only adds an element of simplistic charm to the game. Undertale is an example of what all RPG games should be like; deep and rich with story.

In the world of Undertale, you are told that there is one rule: Kill or be Killed. This is far from the truth.

One core aspect of Undertale is the power of choice. Every encounter you make through the game, from the simplest enemy to the final boss: you have a choice, Kill or Spare them, and choosing one or the other can change the story drastically, which is what makes Undertale such an interesting game.

Whatever path you take, Pacifist or Genocide, the story will affect you, in the game and emotionally.


Undertale has a host of amazing characters to show off, each has a very different personality that will make you feel attached to them. Whether they’re cracking bad puns or cooking bad spaghetti, you just can’t help smiling at the humour that these characters bring to the game.

While playing the game, one thing will stand out to you, almost more than anything else: the Soundtrack. Never before have I seen a game that has such an amazing set of music to play, it really makes you feel part of the game and the story. Each part has its own music to play, and it fits the situation so well.

Undertale is the number one game I would recommend every PC gamer should try, for just €9.99 on the Steam Store, it’s a must-buy.

2. Minecraft

If you’ve somehow not heard of this game, I don’t really know where you’ve been for the past 5 years.

Developed by Mojang, Minecraft has, literally, infinite possibilities to offer. While it lacks in any story, it makes up for in the absolute freedom to do whatever you want.

Minecraft boasts the feature of having a spectacularly large world (8 times the size of the Earth) that is at your fingertips to use, from building, destroying, it’s up to you what you wish to do.

If you loved playing Lego as a child, Minecraft will definitely be the game for you.

While the graphics are also very simplistic, focusing on pixels, it adds to the aesthetic of the game: more on creativity, less on amazing graphics. It makes the game a lot easier to play and enjoy.


Minecraft is something you can sit down, start playing, look up at the clock, and notice you’ve spent a good 5 hours playing. It’s very easy to immerse yourself in to these worlds and become very unaware of the time passing you by.

While the world of Minecraft sounds peaceful, it isn’t always. During night, monsters will spawn in, and it’s up to you to create your own weapons and shelter to protect yourself.

When you’re feeling bored of Single Player, you can always take your adventure to online mode, where hundreds of thousands of servers await you to make friends and work together. Minecraft doesn’t stop offering hours of fun for you to enjoy.

For a reasonable price of €19.95 on, it’s a definite buy... if you don’t have it already.

3. Team Fortress 2

If you’re a fan of the First Person Shooter (FPS) genre, but don’t like the seriousness of some intimidating shooter games like Call of Duty, TF2 is the perfect game for you.

Team Fortress 2, developed by Valve, is full of wackiness and goofiness that makes it hard to take it extremely seriously, but it has hours of fun to offer. Looking like a more cartoon style FPS, it’s easier on the computer than most games would be.

TF2 is most fun with friends. While it can get competitive at times, you will all eventually crack down in laughter at the amount of utter craziness that goes on.


The game offers 9 classes: Scout, Pyro, Soldier, Heavy, Demoman, Engineer, Spy, Sniper, and Medic. Each class is very different from the other, and they all fall under certain roles. Scout, Pyro, and Soldier fall under Offensive. Heavy, Engineer, and Demoman fall under Defensive, and Spy, Sniper and Medic are Support. You need a proper balance of each class on a team to win.

When playing a game, you are either on the BLU team or the RED team. There are various game-modes offered to the player, such as Capture the Flag, Attack and Defend, Control Points, and many more, each with a different play style and strategy to be used, and each one can be played for hours.

Team Fortress 2 is absolutely free to play, and available to download on the Steam Store.

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