Friday 24 May 2019

LitterGram founder pleads with Facebook over name change request


Mark O'Beirne

LitterGram founder Danny Lucas has posted a video pleading with Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg over its request for the app to change its name.

Facebook is disputing a UK-based app's registration of the name LitterGram, arguing that it infringes upon the name of its photo-sharing service, Instagram.

LitterGram founder Danny Lucas responded to this dispute by posting a personal plea to Mark Zuckerberg. In the video, Lucas highlights what the app is and its success to date. He says that Facebook's demand for the app to change its name would kill its momentum and put it back to square one.

The app lets people take photos of litter in public places and add a location tag. This can then alert local authority officials aware of the problem, something that Lucas believes can help put an end to the littering epidemic.

Facebook argues that the app is essentially a photo-sharing app that works in a similar way to Instagram.

Lucas was given until April 28th to respond, though Facebook is yet to say what steps it will take next. He is hoping that this video will encourage Facebook to ease off.

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