Sunday 22 September 2019

Lenovo Set to Axe Vibe Brand?


Reports are suggesting that Lenovo is set to drop its Vibe smartphone brand to focus on its Motorola and Lemon labels

While you probably know them best for their business-oriented laptops, Lenovo is actually the world's fourth largest smartphone manufacturer - thanks in part to its trio of sub brands, Motorola, Vibe and Lemon. That lineup is set to get a little smaller in the near future according to the latest reports, however, with the company set to axe the Vibe brand in a bid to consolidate its offerings and increase its overall market share through a more streamlined product line.

The Vibe isn't one that'll be immediately familiar to most smartphone users in the West, but it's nevertheless one that has performed reasonably well for the company in its home territories. Despite all that, the company's Mobile Business Group President, Chen Xudong, is reported to have told website Tech QQ that the lineup is set for the chop, with some of the Vibe hardware making its way over to the Lemon brand instead.

This has been denied, however, by Lenovo's Mobile Business Group Marketing Director, Sridhar Ramaswamy, who spoke with CNET about the rumours, saying:

We created VIBE as a smartphone brand and we are committed to developing it. We do not have any plans to phase out the VIBE brand, and it will remain.

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