Thursday 22 March 2018

Kiddle is a safe Google for kids


Daniel Anderson

The internet is full of content that isn't safe for young eyes, so you can now use Kiddle to keep them that bit safer

Kids and young folks probably shouldn't be surfing the internet unsupervised but this new search engine could make things a little safer.

Kiddle is a search engine which uses a modified version of Google to provide results which satisfy family friendly requirements. That means no explicit content and a curated list of sites which won't appear in results. It also serves up pages under specific criteria, with the first three or so coming from sites which are written specifically for kids, as chosen by Kiddle editors. After that you'll find safe pages with simple content and further down reputable sites which are more geared towards grown ups but still suitable for younger eyes.

The way searches are displayed is also kid friendly, with large images when possible and a more pleasing Arial font. They also claim to delete their browsing logs every 24 hours, so privacy should be less of an issue. There isn't a lot of information about this company behind Kiddle, and it is really just a modified version of Google so some content is undoubtedly going to slip through the cracks. It also seems like the content can be quite dated, likely as a result of a limited number of reputable sites currently on their lists. We'd recommend taking care with any surfing online for young folks.

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