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Kickstarter underway for custom-fit earphones you mold yourself





A Kickstarter campaign is underway for a pair of earphones that you can mold to fit your ears using a dedicated companion app.

Many people struggle to find earbuds that they like or that fit them properly. This Kickstarter campaign for its Revols should rectify that without the need to stump up for a trip to an audiologist.

The Onkyo Revols are custom-fit earphones that you can mold yourself using a dedicated app. You pop the squishy silicone buds into your ears and then press Start in the companion app. After 60 seconds, you'll have hardened buds that fit the contours of your ears.

These molding tips are removable, so when the shape of your ear starts to change you can simply replace them without having to buy a full set.

The Onkyo Revols are also wireless and should last up to eight hours of playback thanks to a battery fitted within the cable that runs across the back of your neck.

You can currently pick up a pair of the Revols earphones for $199. For this sum, you get two sets of molding tips, a carrying case, a Revive battery pack, a charging cable, two sports skins, and two cable management discs.

It's expected that the Revols will begin shipping in July 2016.

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