Wednesday 13 December 2017

Kickstarted comedy Tex Montana is free to watch now!

Tex Montana
Tex Montana

Daniel Anderson

From the makers of The Battery comes a new comedy called Tex Montana that's totally free to watch online right now

A new movie has just been released called Tex Montana Will Survive but you won't find it in cinemas or even on DVD - this film is available online right now for streaming, torrenting and direct download. And it's totally free for everyone, forever.

It's the latest film from the small indie crew which made The Battery a few years ago - a zombie horror flick with a budget of $6000 which managed to be more entertaining than pictures costing $60 million or more. The team was frustrated by the practise of releasing such a small film, spending years at festivals and never actually managing to turn a profit, so they decided to do things a little differently with Tex Montana.

They turned to Kickstarter with an interesting goal - if they could make all the cash they would reasonably hope to earn from the film at festivals and on home video over the next few years in one go then they'd just skip all that and release the film for free on the internet to all. 759 backers answered the call to raise $53,889 and now everyone else can watch it however they like. In the meantime, the folks at O. hannah Films have enough cash to get started on a new project, and a lot of goodwill out there on the internet.

The film itself is about a suvivialist called Tex who has his own TV show. When his actual survival skills are called into question, he ventures out into the wilderness alone with a camera to show just how tough he is. Things don't go so well for Tex, which gives writer/director/star Jeremy Gardner an incredible starring role as the only person on camera for the entire running time.

It's funny stuff, and gorgeously shot by co-director Christian Stella. Most of all the film is ENTIRELY FREE and is just up there on YouTube, you can see the embed below. If you enjoy it why not pop over to the website and throw the filmmakers a dollar or two with the donate button. You can also find legal torrent downloads there too.

Here it is, an entire feature you can watch for free over two lunch breaks!

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