Friday 23 August 2019

John Lewis' Christmas ad gets a tie-in mobile app

John Lewis
John Lewis

Emma Clark

Do you want to visit the Man on the Moon after seeing John Lewis' new Christmas ad? Well, a tie-in game will give you the chance to fly to the moon.

If the new John Lewis Christmas ad didn't reduce you to a puddle of tears and you'd like more John Lewis in your life, you may be pleased to hear that there's now a tie-in app on iOS and Android.

In Man on the Moon, players attempt to navigate their way to the moon, dodging things like space dogs, worm holes, and alien ships in the process. A variety of playable items can be unlocked, each with their own unique characteristics.

The app also offers a daily Moon cycle calendar with educational facts told by the man on the moon himself, an augmented reality experience, which lets you take photos next to a 3D moon.

Anyone who downloads the app is advised to keep an eye out for the special John Lewis Man on the Moon posters in stores and on Christmas bags. You can point your device at one of these to unlock daily facts in the countdown to Christmas.

The annual John Lewis Christmas ad has become one of the indicators that we're into the Christmas season. If you haven't seen it yet, it's below! Get the tissues ready.

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