Saturday 24 February 2018

Is the PlayStation Vita dead?

PlayStation Vita
PlayStation Vita

Daniel Anderson

Sony PlayStation has been bravely supporting the Vite portable games system for years but it might be finally time for that era to end

The PlayStation Vita is a marvellous machine.

Sony's portable games system released in late 2011 in Japan with huge fanfare as the state of the art when it came to playing blockbuster titles on the move. It was gorgeous and fast and sported incredible graphics as well as an interesting take on tactile interaction with touchscreens on the front and back of the device.

And it delivered some impressive and entertaining games over the years, including the original release of Tearaway, the over the top action of Gravity Rush and pixel perfect ports like Rayman Origins and Guacamelee! PlayStation Plus has continued to support the system with new titles every month and there are more on the way.

However, the Vita never really hit the big time in terms of sales and while those who picked them up tended to really enjoy what was on offer, actually encourage people to lay out for another console was always a hard fight. Now it seems the fight might be over, and the last days of the Vita are upon us.

Reports are coming in that the console is no longer in production, with a Dutch website claiming that the system is all but dead. Officially, Sony itself no longer creates games solely for the Vita, with third party developers working on new titles and ports being released from time to time.

That's not to say the Vita is set to become a brick tomorrow - there are still dozens of highly recommended titles to try, some of which aren't available on any other platform. And there are new games coming too, including the fun looking Severed as well as ports of LEGO Star Wars and Attack on Titan.

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