Monday 16 December 2019

Is Lupe Fiasco the next Street Fighter V superstar? Watch him face Daigo Umehara

Street Fighter V
Street Fighter V

Emma Clark

Lupe Fiasco is known for his rapping career, while Daigo Umehara is a Street Fighter player through and through, yet they faced off at a SFV launch event.

Lupe Fiasco, known for rap hits like Superstar, wanted to face Daigo in a game of Street Fighter V. And he got his wish at a special Street Fighter V launch event.

For the unaware, Daigo has been one of the top Street Fighter players for years, racking up tournament wins and infamous moments like Evo Moment 37.

And yet, the match didn't go the way that many would have expected. You can check out the whole match below. Daigo plays as Ryu, as you might expect, while Lupe Fiasco goes with Ken. The action gets underway at 4:55.

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