Tuesday 21 November 2017

is Greedo coming to shoot first in Star Wars Battlefront?

Star Wars Battlefront
Star Wars Battlefront

Daniel Anderson

There's a rumour around the place that the character of Greedo from A New Hope could be coming to Star Wars Battlefront

There's a whole heap of Star Wars Battlefront content stil to come as part of EA's controversial Season Pass, and folks are speculating about what might appear in March's Outer Rim DLC.

The latest rumour is that none other than Greedo could be the new villain character while that strange looking little fella Nein Nunb could appear on the side of good. Surely you remember Greedo - the alien who helps to introduce us to Harrison Ford's Han Solo by getting shot in the Cantina in A New Hope? He definitely didn't shoot first, which is why he's very swiftly dead.

As for Nein Nunb, he doesn't have a very big role in the original Star Wars trilogy, hanging out in the Falcon as some kind of co-pilot. Some interesting trivia about this character - while we may not understand what he's saying, the voice was provided by a young student who is actually speaking Haya, a language from the African country of Tanzania.

These two characters both have connections to the original movies, which makes them fair game for Battlefront, and also to Han Solo as well. The reason folks are guessing that they'll be part of the new DLC is down to a piece of early art which was released as a teaser. If you peer all the way into the background of the image you can catch a glimpse of Greedo (shooting first!) and little Nein as well, way in the background. We've zoomed in a bit on this one.

Of course this could just be a little something added by an artist for fun but there's no harm in speculating, and they're the only recognisable characters in the shot. The new DLC arrives in March, so we'll know when we know.

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