Wednesday 13 December 2017

iPhone SE beaten battered and boiled – Can it survive?

iphone se
iphone se

Mark O'Beirne

Apple's iPhone SE has been released. So, of course, the first thing that YouTuber TechRax has done is destroy a batch of them.

Durability tests are all the rage these days. Just yesterday, we saw a YouTuber take a saw and a drill to the Xiaomi to see if it was scratch-proof. Today, another is going one step further with a batch of Apple’s latest handset, the iPhone SE, to see if it can survive scratch tests, drops, and being put in boiling water.

TechRax is known for pushing handsets to the limit, and in the end most of them end up ruined. The first test sees him putting the iPhone SE in boiling water before putting it in the freezer for a brief period of time. He seems surprised that it breaks down.

Like yesterday’s Xiaomi test, TechRax takes a hammer and knife to the iPhone SE to see how scratch resistant it is. This may be one to watch on mute if the sound of emery boards or chalkboards bothers you.

And finally, the iPhone SE is dropped from a height. This time, its performance is compared to the iPhone 5S. Which one can come out on top?

No, they’re not the most scientific tests, but they are entertaining.

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