Wednesday 21 March 2018

iPhone charging much slower than Android phones


Paul Mallon

The iPhone may still be the most popular phone brand around but some technology lags behind in Apple's smartphone handsets

The iPhone remains the most popular single smartphone brand out there, though the competition is heating up with Samsung and Huawei is lurking right there in third place.

And the dominance of the Apple device is down to a whole raftload of factors, including high quality tech, beautiful designs and an eco-system which has been created to retain users from one generation to the next. But there are areas where these popular handsets are less impressive, including battery life.

The current crop of smartphones have a real problem with their batteries thanks to fast specs, large screens and increasingly slim profiles. The result is frequent charging, and always having to worry about where your closest electrical outlet is. So it's important to know that if you do have some time at a socket, you can make it count by grabbing as much power as possible. And it seems Apple is lagging a good way behind Android when it comes to just that.

This video compares the charging speed of the Apple iPhone 6s Plus, OnePlus 2 and Motorola Moto X Play. And it gives you an idea of just how much juice you can get in a short period right up to how long a full charge takes.

Those 30 minute stats again: iPhone 6s Plus - 19% OnePlus 2 - 31% Moto X Play - 36%

Now the Moto X Play does have quickcharging but also features a much larger battery. The OnePlus 2 is actually very impressive here, given that it doesn't have quick charging and does have a good sized battery, though it has the advantage of USB-C which can bring in more power. Still it seems that if you have a short time to charge, the iPhone isn't necessarily your best option.

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